Stenocarpus sinuatus
Fire Wheel Tree

Uses: Highly ornamental rainforest tree from Queensland and NSW. Has spectacular displays or orange-red well-like flowers in summer. Has been used successfully as a street tree in Sydney. Is better suited to larger parks and gardens.
Does grow smaller in southern states than in it's native rainforest. Is slow growing during the first few years. Can tolerate a variety of conditions. Does best in moist fertile soils.

  • Canopy Shape canopy-oval Oval
  • Height 8-20m
  • Spread 2-5m
  • Position
    • position-partshade Part Shade
    • position-fullsun Full Sun
  • Family Proteaceae
  • Botanical Name Stenocarpus sinuatus
  • Common Name Fire Wheel Tree
  • Origin NSW, Qld
  • Habit Upright, Dense
  • Landscape Plains, Footslopes, Hills
  • Soil Texture Loam, Sand
  • pH Acidic, Alkaline, Neutral
  • Tolerates Drought, Light frost
  • Supplementary Watering Minimal
  • Flower Colour Red, Orange
  • Flowering Time Summer, Autumn
  • Foliage Dark-green
  • Flower Type Whorls
  • Purpose Ornamental, Shade
  • Evergreen/Deciduous Evergreen
  • Trunk Rough
  • Form Tall Tree (Usually exceeds 10m)