Hardenbergia comptoniana
Native Lilac

Uses: A vigorous fast growing climber, plant singly in mixed beds, wider verges and roundabouts, or mass plant as an effective ground cover over or cover for fences and embankments. Needs strong supports on which to grow.
Responds to hard pruning to improve shape and form.
Attracts native butterflies, caterpillar food source. Fast growing

  • Height 1-3m
  • Spread 1-3m
  • Position
    • position-fullsun Full Sun
    • position-partshade Part Shade
  • Family Fabaceae
  • Botanical Name Hardenbergia comptoniana
  • Common Name Native Lilac
  • Origin WA
  • Habit Spreading, Dense
  • Landscape Coastal footslopes, Footslopes, Plains, 2nd line coast
  • Soil Texture Clay, Loam, Sand
  • pH Acidic, Alkaline, Neutral
  • Tolerates Drought, Moderate frost
  • Supplementary Watering Minimal
  • Flower Colour Mauve
  • Flowering Time Spring, Winter
  • Flower Type Pea
  • Purpose Ornamental, Habitat, Ornamental, Screen, Hedge, Erosion
  • Evergreen/Deciduous Evergreen
  • Form Climber