Eucalyptus youngiana
Ooldea Mallee

Uses: Highly ornamental Eucalyptus for more open locations, such as parks and reserves. Recommended for its foliage, form and flowers.
Responds well to pruning.
Attracts nectar eating birds and insects for food and habitat.
Can be cut back to the lignotuber in late spring if the tree becomes too scraggy.

  • Canopy Shape canopy-open Open
  • Height 3-10m
  • Spread 5-12m
  • Position
    • position-fullsun Full Sun
  • Family Myrtaceae
  • Botanical Name Eucalyptus youngiana
  • Common Name Ooldea Mallee
  • Origin SA, WA
  • Habit Spreading, Dense
  • Landscape Coastal footslopes, 2nd line coast, Plains
  • Soil Texture Loam, Sand
  • pH Alkaline, Neutral
  • Tolerates Drought, Lime, Moderate frost
  • Supplementary Watering Minimal
  • Flower Colour Cream, Red, Yellow
  • Flowering Time Winter, Spring
  • Foliage Bluish-green
  • Flower Type Eucalypt-type
  • Purpose Ornamental, Habitat
  • Evergreen/Deciduous Evergreen
  • Trunk Rough
  • Form Tall Tree (Usually exceeds 10m)