Carissa grandiflora
Natal Plum

Small shrub from South Africa. Produces white star shaped flowers that have a orange blossom scent. Plant produces thorns . Was traditionally used as a barrier hedge. Care should be taken when choosing a location. All parts of the plant are toxic, except for the fruit. This is used to make jams or deserts. Plant can be pruned to maintain shape.

  • Height 2-3m
  • Spread 2-3m
  • Position
    • position-fullsun Full Sun
  • Family Apocynaceae
  • Botanical Name Carissa grandiflora
  • Common Name Natal Plum
  • Origin South Africa
  • Habit Spreading
  • Landscape Coast, Coast, Coastal dunes, Coastal footslopes, Plains, Footslopes, Hills
  • Soil Texture Clay, Loam, Sand
  • pH Alkaline, Neutral
  • Tolerates Drought, Soil salinity
  • Supplementary Watering Minimal
  • Flower Colour White
  • Flowering Time Winter
  • Foliage Green
  • Flower Type Star
  • Purpose Ornamental, Food/Fruit
  • Evergreen/Deciduous Evergreen
  • Form Medium Shrub (Usually between 1.2m & 3.6m)